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Refresher Lessons

Every body likes to think that they are a good driver, just listen to the comments as a passenger, how good your driver is and how most of the other drivers are always doing something wrong.
Its easy to forget some of the skills you learnt when you took your practical Driving test, things change with new regulations and rules being introduced all of the time.
Have you ever looked at road markings or road signs you didn’t understand? With just a few refresher Driving lessons you can quickly improve your driving style and vastly improve you safety and safety of others.
If you have had a gap in your Driving we can offer you a few Refresher driving lessons to make you feel; at ease when you venture back on the road on your own. Is there a specific route that you need to take and would you like help with it of just help with parking for example.
We do not mind whatever you need we can help you as we have all sorts of requests, you are not alone.

Eco Driving

Cut down on your fuel bills drive economically avoid heavy braking and harsh acceleration through anticipation and awareness using better road planning. Anticipation, read the road ahead anticipate in advance the movements of other road users for smooth driving, keeping an appropriate distance.

Save fuel

Maintain a steady speed shift up in good time to save fuel so as to not have high revs, making sure that it is safe to do bearing in mind the road and traffic conditions.
Check tires, tire pressure should be checked frequently and need to be properly inflated as low tire pressure uses more fuel.
Extra energy, if you use the air conditioning and other electrical items in the car you will use more fuel as the electrical power is generated buy burning more fuel.